A DK Thinker: Douche Nozzle Ed Henry Gets Fired, and Sued. For Some Moderate Tail? Hamster Opines
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-07-21T06:15:11Z
Look, I don't know exactly what happened except to say, 'some' relationship developed with a female colleague at Fox News.

Was it consensual? Was it a criminal activity? We'll never know.

What we do know is this was banging this dude for years, probably on the regular. Did he promise her something, and didn't fulfill? Or, was it he couldn't give her the promotion she expected so she cried grapefruit?

Was it a consensual BDSM relationship that had gone bad? She liked it kinky, he liked it kinky, they kinked and...that grapefruit fantasy turned a bit bad?

We'll never know.

She'll get a ton of money for it. Because...believe all women.

Odd, no police reports...no HR reports until 7 years later...all that is quite odd, don't you think?

And I will almost guarantee, HER text messages to Henry, as lewd and as nasty as his were to her, will not be admitted as evidence in his favor. That would be the grapefruit shield laws...She'll just claim 'I felt' and they'll be tossed out. This is getting out of hand.

The Legal Complaint against Ed Henry


Briffault's Law

Just saying


Politico Article


And women believe men have this awesome power of mind reading. We don't. Fucking say what you want, and say what you don't want. I'll make it a lot easier for all of us.

One definition of BDSM


Sound familiar anyone?

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