President Trump Goes to North Korea. Democrat Clown Car Candidates FREAK OUT! Orange Man Bad!
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2019-07-01T15:22:55.000Z
Meeting with a dictator (same as Obama did in Cuba), coddling the tyrant (which Obama did in Cuba), he's messing up our foreign policy...

Excuse me? Isn't it in the best interests of the United States that our allies in that part of the world aren't being threatened by North Korea?

Wouldn't prudent people, if a negotiation is possible, negotiate and not start bombing and wars? I should think that talking is a far better way to come to an agreement than potentially start a war.

No one 'normal' wants another damn war...but some evidently do.

I think it's great that Trump is reaching out to our sworn enemies and is at least TRYING to negotiate. The other possible option is not in our best interest.

Newsweek Story


Obama Goes to Cuba


No talk about meeting with murderous dictators or coddling them when Obama visited Cuba, no? Of course...not...

The democrat clown car is full of nonsense, and their reaction I think proves that.

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