Red Pill: Alfsvoid 'Proves' That What We Know About Hypergamy Isn't True LOL
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2019-06-26T15:24:55.000Z
I suppose if one decides to use ONE variable to prove hypergamy isn't real you can do it, but rather unconvincingly.

I expected a lot more from Alfsvoid. This one is not up to her usual standards of facts, data and evidence.

Taking ONE variable out of a multitude of variables with respect to men and women marrying up or marrying down and claiming this disproves hypergamy is disingenuous at best and intentionally misleading at worst.

And she shut her comments down? And she wonders why she doesn't hear from Red Pill men AFTER she completely destroys our idea about hypergamy...using one variable?

I'm sure Mick Jagger got all the p sleeve he wanted because of his economics degree. I'm sure that's what happened...

Alfsvoid: Hypergamy Video


Comments are closed on this video. I'm shocked.

The source she didn't cite


It seems clear to me that when sources and links aren't included in the video, that that source is a bit shall we say...weak...as in this case.

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