Slow and Steady Joe: Biden Wakes Up and Plans on Addressing the Problems He's Ignored for 40+ Years
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-08-22T16:58:14Z
And cure cancer too....

Biden has been in Washington since 1973 and NOW he plans on fixing the country. What the hell has he been doing in the interim?

He is going to fix climate change. You know what the climate change worry was around the time Biden took office? The next ICE AGE and that is no kidding. Now, we all gonna fry and drown cause the oceans.

Of course, Biden is just a real super duper champeen for the wammens...VAWA, Clarence Thomas, abortion, 'equal pay'...omg

Two major items were passed when Obama/Biden had 2 FULL years of a majority in Congress; Obamacare, and the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act...now Biden is running on our health care system sucks and we need to 'improve' it...yeah, improve it to Medicaid for all, meaning, 'free' government funded health care. You know, paid for by the 'rich' people paying their 'fair' share...and on and on we go.

The truth is, Biden has done very very little to address any of the issues he now claims he's going to fix, including cancer, if you elect him.

Same old song and dance every 4 years. Lots of hot air blasted out from candidates, and not much gets done. Except for President Trump who has gotten a lot of his promises done, and is trying like heck to get the others.

Biden is a wind bag, He's been running on the same platform for over 40 years people.



Wiki 111th Congress


Biden will cure cancer


Clarence Thomas




Lilly Ledbetter


Global Cooling


Violence Against Women Act


Notice, there's an Office of Violence Against Women...I didn't even bother searching for the office of Violence Against Men...because there wouldn't be one would there? Shocker.

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