Hamster Speaks: The Oppression Obsession, the Original Sin. When Will the Madness End? Muh Check?
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-07-04T20:17:40Z
If you want to talk about oppression, well, we can do that. All day long. If you want a pissing contest, we can do that.

For hundreds, if not a thousand years, huwhite people were oppressed, enslaved, slaughtered, graped, by invaders from all corners of the earth.

People of all colors and countries were oppressed in the past. There seems to be an obsession with only one particular color from one particular location. That's quite odd, isn't it?

So, should I present a bill to the government of Mongolia? No one alive today had anything to do with the oppression of my Hungarian countrymen. NONE. No one in Hungary today was oppressed by Ghengis Khan. Where's my check?

It's the same logic. A more legitimate argument would be a big fat check from Germany since Hungary and many other countries were 'oppressed' by the Germans. And after that, Hungary and many countries were oppressed by the Soviet Union. Where's my check?

I only want a million or so, for things that happened before I was alive, and done by people who are no longer alive.

Would a million do the trick? 10 Million? How about nothing.

Nothing, zero, zip, nada. You deserve nothing. Because your great great great great great granddad suffered oppression. A tragic situation. So did most of humanity suffer oppression. Always, and continuously since the begging of time.

Where's my check? No? Cause I'm white?

You get nothing.

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