Creepy Uncle Joe 'Sniffy' Biden: Finally, After 50 Years in Government, He's Ready to 'Help' Wammens
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-08-02T08:16:32Z
We should just call him the 'panderer in chief'. He's come up with a 'plan for women'. And none of use should hold our breath waiting for his 'plan for men' at least, most certainly, not a plan for lower case w lower case s men.

He'll have a plan for everyone except you know...men that look like him. Fully 38% of the population of the United States will once again be completely ignored politically except for of course, our votes.

Women are and always have been oppressed is his mantra. Men, are and always have been privileged especially lower case w s men. That's it. It's a religion and facts be damned. The lefties have 'faith' and that's all they need.

No issues that face men; divorce, child custody, unfair sentencing, no where to find jobs, death by accusation, Pound Me, Title IX, male suicide, homelessness, and hopelessness, NOTHING will be addressed by either political party.

There is a reason for this. Politicians know that most men (especially us older guys) we're set in our political ways, in general. They're not going to spend time, money, and effort to attempt to change our minds. They're going to pander, spend, and make great effort to change the minds of people that will change their mind, literally right up until they are voting in the booth; women.

Sorry, many women it seems think with emotion and not rationality. Politicians know this, and they'll use it to try and grab a few percentages here and there, and certainly with all other 'oppressed' groups, to eek out a win.

Remember, Trump, love him or hate him, I think won by 40,000 votes in important electoral states. 40000! It is these 40000 that Biden will do his best to pander to.

So, how will he do this? By buying votes. Will large fuckloads of taxpayer (and borrowed) money to 'help' the oppressed wammens. It's absolutely disgusting.

And, besides, Sniffy Joe will resign his first year. And even if that doesn't happen, whoever the VEEP is will be the president.

Creepy Joe's Plan for Wammens


Creepy Joe's Day Care Plan


Population United States, by Race.


Of course, what Sniffy means is keeping as many lower case w s men out of his administration. They simply cannot lie any longer about this. It is outright discrimination against lower case w s men.

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