Weapons of War: The Kafka Trap and How to Diffuse It. Fight the Army of Robots 101
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-06-28T18:43:30Z
The Kafka Trap is a widely used 'argument' against mostly white men. We are accused of something, and our denial is PROOF that we are guilty of what we are accused of.

This is becoming so common from the fists, the fisms, the rists, and the risms, that is a weapon used against white men in particular to 'prove' we're guilty of whatever sins we are accused of.

Simple answer. DO NOT RESPOND. Short circuit the programming of this brainwashed robots. Break the If Then Else loop. And watch them have nothing to say. Because they cannot think for themselves. They are programmed to respond to certain stimulus, and if we do not give them that stimulus, they have nothing to say.

It's simple, effective, cost free, and must be part of our weaponry to defeat these evil people, meaning, the marxists. This is an all out 'warm war' right now. We must stand our ground against these forces of evil. Men, Women, everyone. This is a toxic cancer that has infected our country for the last 6 decades. We can't defeat it overnight, but by God, we can at least get started gents.

Big Think: Please listen to the Kafka Traps set by Dr. Robin DiAngelo


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