Fembots Eat Their Own...Ideology? Barrett Can't Be a Good Judge AND A Good Mom at the Same Time???
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-10-01T14:04:33Z
Ok, aside from the fact that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is pretty much a shoe in for SCOTUS, as she is almost immune from attack (being a wammens and all, no Kavanaugh here), the feminsaties are bringing out the sharp knifes...and they are attacking...their own FEMINIST mantras...well, you know, anything for the sacrament...

See, it is a fundamental plank in feminism that women can have it ALL! And excel at both at the same time. This is an article of faith at this point and if you evil mens question whether that's possible, you are a misogynist, evil w man, and should be cancelled.

Fembots complain that men don't do 'their fair share' of 'household labor' and child rearing. So, Judge Barrett and her husband split those roles, as the feminists DEMAND that men do, take over more of that from the oppressed women. So, she and her hubby are doing exactly what feminists demand. NOPE. Not good enough.

The question is asked in this article, and in some tweets; how can she possibly do it all? Can you feel the misogyny this time directed at another woman as the feminists attack their own ideology?

These are truly truly strange times.

Rebecca Onion: Slate Article


Ibrahim X. Barrett is a 'white colonizer'


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