Enemy Ignorance: Pew Research: 67% of Americans Believe Women DO NOT HAVE the Same Rights as Men????
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-08-02T09:51:16Z
How is this even possible?

Men and women can have a different outcome in life, but for the love of God, legally, men and women have equal rights under the law and women actually have at least one more legal right; the right to not become a parent which men do not have.

What kind of brainwashing could possibly infect 67% of Americans to believe in this provably false idea? HOW is this even possible?

If this large of a majority of people are ignorant about the most fundamental truth, can you even imagine what they don't know about more complex issues facing the country?

This is truly truly frightening. If anything keeps me awake at night, it would be something like this. Mass ignorance, mass brainwashing. I guess we shouldn't perhaps be too surprised. The beer flue has shown us, and especially the government, just how easily many Americans can be manipulated.

Truly scary stuff.

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