The Discount Lana Del Rey: Talking About Fm-ism. And How it is for Men as Well...RIGHT.....
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-08-16T04:56:05Z
She's a young, fully indoctrinated woman.

She believes in some fantasy about fm-ism being for equality. Well, that all depends dear, on how you define that.

I want a sausage sandwich right now. That is about the level of 'care' I give today about this marxist movement about 'equality'.

Wait...I might have to take a piss...far more important than the fm-ist movement. I just don't care. Except these are dangerous. Wake the fuck up guys. These aren't some blue haired chicks bitching. The 'silent majority' of fem people are in our government, making rules. This is not a bunch of harmless blue arm pitted weirdos. This is fucking real guys.

Our young friend here thinks that's OK. Well, it's not. It's a clear and present danger to our society.

If you guys can't wake up and see this for what it is, I'm going to retire to a farm and raise goats, let you deal with it. I've had enough.

Happy Saturday Night Guys!!!

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