Cobra Kai: Miguel Returns
Satoshi Nakamoto     Published: 2020-09-25T16:13:54Z
In This Cobra Kai Fanspiration, a broken Miguel fights to recover in the hospital as Hawk urges him to return to Cobra Kai.

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He'd been cooped up so long that his room started to feel claustrophobic. He finally understood what people meant when they talked about going crazy from cabin fever. He had seen so much of his surrounding walls that he would've kicked them down if he'd been able to. So Miguel welcomed any and all visitors his mother allowed him see, and his face lit up when Hawk stepped through his door that evening.

"Hey," greeted Miguel, sitting up and propping a couple pillows against his lower back.

"Sup." Hawk grabbed the chair from in front of his desk and sat down in it beside the bed. From the looks of it, he must have recently given himself a fresh dye-job. The red of his mohawk was more vibrant than Miguel could ever remember it being. Or maybe the jet-black roots and sides just seemed darker by contrast.

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