People of Colorado! Demand this State become Ultra Woke: It's Time to Change the Name! Satire, Obvs
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-07-04T15:40:34Z
Well, changing names seems to be a bit of a hot topic these days. Cleveland I baseball team, the 'W' word football team, the names of states like Rhode Island needs to change...to be super duper woke!

I have a simple plan to help the State of Colorado to become the most work state in the country! Change that name people. Change this state to something far more inclusive and isn't it about time? Along with tearing down monuments to Colorado soldiers who FOUND AGAINST THE SOUTH during the Civil War, before we were even a state by the way, that's just a good start for the woke crowd.

No, we the people of Colorado need to do something extraordinary to prove just how woke we all are here in our beautiful, but not very inclusive (in Boulder, anyway ) state.

It's time we changed the name. I suggest the State of the People of Color-ado. See, right there in the name. For all to see our super duper wokeness!!!!

Not hidden like Rhode Island. NO! We must show our state to be the bestest most wokest in the country.

Cleveland Team Changing Names?


Ha, I'm not even sure I can use this link! It has the I word in it!!

Rist Place Names in the United States


Rhode Island


And, before you football super fans get busy in the comments, I know the Cleveland Browns were named after the founder of the team. But...you know, facts, data, and history, seem to mean nothing to the 'wokesters'.

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