The Murder of Marc Angelucci and Daniel Anderl: Rest in Peace Brothers.
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-07-24T14:02:12Z
Some piece of filth, a so called Mr. A, went on a murder spree and killed longtime Mr. A Marc Angelucci and the son of a federal judge and shot the husband of the judge many many times. Fortunately, he'll survive.

This piece of shit was a violent murderous thug. And the media is trying their best to tie ALL Mr. A men in with this psycho.

We can not let this happen men. Speak out. Push back. The overwhelming majority of Mr. A men are not some insane lunatics. We are just men.

And being a man these days seems like we're automatically some kind of terrorist.

That is not the case, obviously. But it's not so obvious to the brainwashed MSM masses who evidently cannot think for themselves, or do the minimum amount of research on their phone, in the morning, when taking their morning dump. It's frustrating.

Violence like this is NEVER the answer. At least this piece of shit took himself out and saved taxpayers millions. That's the only positive thing I can say about this fucking scumbag.

Rest in peace gentlemen.

The Murder of Marc Angelucci and Daniel Anderl


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