Evil Misogynist NBC Hockey Play by Play Man Cancelled! Because He 'Offended' da Wammens? WTF?
James Von Maxwell     Published: 2020-08-22T18:53:29Z
Mike Milbury made what was obviously a joking kind of comment, as some announcers do to fill up time during slow parts of the game.

EXCEPT! It was insensitive and insulting to...you know who...the wammens cause you know, strong, powerful, you go grrrl...except when you know, someone says something they don't like. Then it's get out the sharp knives and get this guy CANCELLED NOW! HE'S EVIL!!!

He basically said, during the Beer situation, the players are basically stuck in a 'bubble' and can't leave, etc, and he said there are no women to distract them.

Ok. That is a true statement. Of course, he means girlfriend, maybe one night girlfriends, etc. They can concentrate on the game and not have distractions. He could have just as easily have said 'there are no children here to distract'...or flying chairs, or whatever.

But NOOOOOOOO. Since he mentioned the obviously oppressed wammens, he's gotta go. That's it. Cancel him.

What a crock of bullshit. And they pulled him in the middle of the game! WHAT THE HELL brothers?

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Now, recently, two other announcers were cancelled but they actually did say offensive things. One said N word, and one said F_G which both are obviously offensive. But saying what he said? Come on ladies, grow some tougher skin. Jesus.

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